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7 August 2015

53rd Annual Conference

The 53rd Annual Conference will be held in Calgary, Alberta at the Hyatt Regency-Calgary, from October 30-November 1, 2015.




5 June 2015

Canada’s 3Minute Thesis Winners: Women in Science.

A Master’s student specializing in radiation oncology has won the Canada’s 3Minute Thesis challenge.
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29 May 2015

UPEI To Host Graduate Research Conference

The University of Prince Edward Island is hosting a Multidisciplinary Graduate Research Conference this summer. The theme of the conference is, “Emerging Scholars: Illuminating Graduate Research.”
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25 May 2015

National mental health expert to judge CAGS competition

Micheal Pietrus, the Director of the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) Opening Minds Project, has joined the judges’ panel for the 2015 ETS Awards for Excellence and Innovation in Graduate Education.
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15 May 2015

Who is Canada ’s Favourite 3MT Presenter?

Now is your chance to vote for Canada’s Choice in the 3Minute Thesis competition.

Visit our 3MT page for videos of 11 finalists chosen from regional competitions.
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27 April 2015

Does Canada Have Too Many PhDs?

According to researcher and blogger Melonie Fullick, any discussion of PhD “overproduction” needs to consider the question of the purpose of the PhD. “When different groups cannot agree on this purpose,” she writes, “at least in terms coherent enough that they can produce policies and programs that align, then doctoral students are the ones who lose out.” You can read her whole report in our Rethinking the PhD section.
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25 April 2015

Future Research: Grad Students Address Key Question

What could be more important in our academic community than engaging our brightest minds in the imagining and decision-making process of designing Canada’s research future? Graduate students from Western and University of Windsor did just that recently as part of a nation-wide dialogue on Imagining Canada’s Future.
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6 April 2015

Imagining Canada’s Future.

CAGS will be engaging humanities and social sciences graduate students in some straight talk about opportunities and challenges for social innovation, research, and building our knowledge capital.
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23 March 2015

2015 ETS Award

The well-being of graduate students studying at Canadian universities is of prime importance to the Canadian Association for Graduate Studies. And our members work hard to respond to the needs of students.
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11 March 2015

From the Front Lines

Is graduate education keeping pace with the changing realities students’ lives, passions and motivations? In this short commentary, Eric Weissman, winner of 2014 Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award, outlines some of the challenges and obstacles in graduate education. This is part of the CAGS project – ReThinking the PhD.

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9 January 2015

Searching for Canada's top dissertation

Are you working with or know of a doctoral student whose dissertation makes a unique contribution to their academic field? Then check out Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Award 2015 call for nominations.
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21 November 2014

Meet our new president

Laval University researcher, biochemist and dean Marie Audette has stepped in to the CAGS presidency. She takes up the position as the organization begins a serious examination of the role and impact of graduate education.
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9 September 2014

Federal Budget 2015 and Beyond

Consistent investment in graduate education and research is an important strategy for government in order to maintain a strong economy, an engaged workforce and healthy communities.
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3 September 2014


A gritty study of shanty towns and tent cities, has won this year’s 2014 Distin-guished Dissertation Award from the Canadian Association of Graduate Studies. Concordia University’s Eric Weissman’s (PhD Indi) multi-media, interdisciplinary work is the culmination of 13years immersed in the issue. more info . . .


26 August 2014

Wilfrid Laurier University: Innovative Approach Gets National Recognition.

Ottawa - The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS) at Wilfrid Laurier University is the winner of the 2014 CAGS/ETS Award for Excellence and Innovation in Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience. more info . . .


06 August 2014

Dal Researcher is the 2014 Distinguished Dissertation Winner

Dalhousie University’s Daniel Boyce (PhD Biology) compiled the unprecedented collection of historical and recent oceanographic data to document declines in phytoplankton. more info . . .


16 June 2014

Congratulations to Canada’s 3MT Winners

Western University’s Joseph Donohue is the 2014 Canada’s 3MT winner. He is a Master’s biochemical engineering student.
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28 May 2014

Congrats to our 3MT Francophone Partners!

Competitive. Exciting. Fun. That’s the description we’re hearing about the recent Ma thèse en 180 secondes competition.It took place during the Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS) conference at Concordia University in Montreal.


4 Apr 2014

CAGS Co-Ordinator Lise Benoit received nominations from across the country

They came from right across the country - Victoria to St. John’s. In all, our co- ordinator, Lise Benoit, received 54 nomination packages for this year’s CAGS/ UMI Awards.


24 Mar 2014

CAGS/PROQUEST Distinguished Dissertation Winners: Where are they now?

For the past 20 years CAGS judges have reviewed some of the country’s best PhD work in search of Canada’s most distinguished dissertation.


21 Feb 2014

What Makes a Grad School Great?

A combo of many things, really. People, programs and professionalism are the main ingredients.

Nominations are now open for the annual CAGS/ETS award. Entries will be accepted until April 30, 2014. Guidelines for the nomination process can be found here.


7 Feb 2014

Expand Research Strategy: CAGS Paper

The health of Canada’s graduate education system is a critical factor in a competitive global environment. And ultimately the creativity and sophistication of post graduates is key to an exceptional and vital society. That’s the message CAGS has delivered to the federal government as it reviews its science and technology strategy.


22 Jan 2014

Searching for Canada's Top Dissertation of 2014

The nomination process is now CLOSED for Canada’s Distinguished Dissertation Awards.

It is an exciting time of year here at CAGS when we put out this annual call. In partnership with publishers ProQuest-UMI we have been seeking out the best dissertations in Canada for 20 years.


31 Oct 2013

French language 3MT®

ACFAS and CAGS invite Canadian universities to hold their own French language 3MT® competitions and to send the winner to the finals in Montreal in May 2014!

Noreen GolfmanSource: University of Alberta

26 Aug 2013

Grad Studies Direction, Relevancy: Conference Theme

Montreal - Participants at the 2013 CAGS Conference will be looking at options for the future of Canadian graduate studies when the event takes place here November 3-6, 2013.

Noreen Golfman

15 Aug 2013

Updating PhD Defence: Memorial University Wins Innovation Award

Ottawa - A new program that encourages examiners to attend the dissertation defence process remotely has won the 2013 CAGS/ETS Award Excellence and Innovation in Enhancing the Graduate Student Experience.

Noreen Golfman

12 Aug 2013

Inside Look at Immigrant HIV Testing Wins Top Prize

Ottawa - A critical analysis of Canada’s immigration system and the mandatory HIV testing of prospective immigrants and refugees has been awarded the 2013 CAGS/Proquest –UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award.

Noreen Golfman

06 Aug 2013

CAGS 2013 Dissertation Award: Cracking An Evolutionary Mystery

Ottawa - A study about the evolutionary history and population patterns of the iconic North American Mountain Goat has won the CAGS/UMI-PROQUEST Distinguished Dissertation Award for 2013 (Engineering, Medical Science and Natural Science Category).