Canadian Association for Graduate Studies


11 Canadian 3MT® Finalists

Three minutes. Eleven of Canada's best minds. The power of the spoken word.


Graduate students from every corner of Canada are doing research that makes a difference in our lives, our communities, our economy and our world.
The 3MT competition offers them a chance to explain their work and why it matters.

A national winner will be chosen by our judges panel: Radio producers Tom Howell and Nicola Luksic, Dr. Danika Goosney - Director General, Science, Knowledge Translation and Ethics at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and lead guitarist for the Tragically Hip, Rob Baker.

You can choose a People's Choice winner. Vote for the presentation that combines the best clarity and relevance.
Voting closes noon PACIFIC May 19 2016. Winners will be announced the week of June 6, 2016.

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Entry #20163MTNAT001

Ana Maria Medina Ramirez
Production of Al-Ni foams by PM route using dolomite as a foaming agent

Entry #20163MTNAT002

Joshua Smee
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Building Connections: Political Participation, social capital and the built environment in St. John's Newfoundland

Entry #20163MTNAT003

Ubong Peters
Dalhousie University
Clinical Validation of a Novel Device for Assessment of Lung Mechanics: Effect of Weight Loss, Posture and Bronchodilation on Lung Mechanics

Entry #20163MTNAT004

Craig Jones
University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus
The War Lawyers

Entry #20163MTNAT005

Dan Peach
Simon Fraser University
Making Scents of Mixed Signals: Mosquitoes Utilize Similar Cues to Locate Vertebrates and Floral Nectar

Entry #20163MTNAT006

Carly Cameron
Brock University
“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall…”

Entry #20163MTNAT007

Gah Jone Won
University of Waterloo
The Development of an Antibody-Drug Conjugate to Specifically Target and Soften the Crystalline Lens

Entry #20163MTNAT008

Oluwakemi Amodu
University of Alberta
Obstetric Fistula Policy in Nigeria

Entry #20163MTNAT009

Michael Moore
Ryerson University
Listening to the ‘Seeds’ of Cancer

Entry #20163MTNAT010

Justin Whitaker
University of Ottawa
Bacto-Glue for You (and Better Building Bases Too)

Entry #20163MTNAT011

Anastasia Shavrova
Queen’s University
Strategies on Winning the Game of Life