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11 Canadian 3MT® Finalists

Three minutes. Eleven of Canada's best minds. The power of the spoken word.


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Entry #20173MTNAT001

Kashif Khan
McGill University
Cardiac Regeneration using the Hippo-Signaling Pathway

Entry #20173MTNAT002

Aprami Jaggi
University of Calgary
The Ultimate Fate of Oil in the Marine Environment Following Spillage

Entry #20173MTNAT003

Autumn Watkinson
University of Alberta
Restoration of Sagebrush Habitat for Greater Sage Grouse Recovery

Entry #20173MTNAT004

Armita Dash
University of Victoria
Concussion: Targeting the Evil Protein

Entry #20173MTNAT005

Darian Goldin Stah
Concordia University
Life to Scans

Entry #20173MTNAT006

Brenda Lee
University of New Brunswick
Maintaining Monogamy in Committed Romantic Relationships

Entry #20173MTNAT007

Shanthanu Kumar
University of Guelph
Enhancing Shelf Life of Fruit Using Hexanal

Entry #20173MTNAT008

Richard Kil
University of Toronto
Blood Testing with Baker's Yeast in Developing Regions

Entry #20173MTNAT009

Richard Edwards
Wilfrid Laurier University
Lending a Hand in the fight against Cancer

Entry #20173MTNAT010

Ololade Sanusi
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Next-Generation Blood Irradiation Systems

Entry #20173MTNAT011

Ella Dubinsky
Ryerson University
Singing for Your Brain