Canadian Association for Graduate Studies


11 Canadian 3MT® Finalists

Three minutes. Eleven of Canada's best minds. The power of the spoken word.


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Entry #20183MTNAT001

Laura Hall
Dalhousie University
The not very hungry caterpillar

Entry #20183MTNAT002

Molly Leblanc
Saint Mary's University
Not All That Glitters - Assessing Environmental Effects of Abandoned Gold Mines

Entry #20183MTNAT003

Daniel Meszaros
Trinity Western University
Understanding Men's Lived Experiences of Shame Related to Masculine Identity

Entry #20183MTNAT004

Chidera Nwaroh
University of Calgary
A Virtual Biopsy: Detecting Metabolite Changes in the Brain

Entry #20183MTNAT005

Danielle Hoefele
Simon Fraser University
That's How You Get (Fire) Ants

Entry #20183MTNAT006

Jay Olson
McGill University
Mind over medication: Healing yourself with placebos

Entry #20183MTNAT007

Amélie Litalien
Royal Military College of Canada
A Plant Worthy of its Salt

Entry #20183MTNAT008

Daniella Briotto Faustino
Carleton University
Bend Passwords for People with Vision Impairment

Entry #20183MTNAT009

Matthew Berry
McMaster University
Scientifically Quantifying the Craft of Acting

Entry #20183MTNAT010

Tianqi Xie
Western University
Are We Alone? Unlocking the Mystery of the Moon

Entry #20183MTNAT011

Gregory Lui
University of Waterloo
Photocatalysts: Using Today's Waste to Power the Future